This morning when I went to vote I was discussing the possible changes ahead with my husband, and we were considering the difference between me being a public sector worker, which I was for thirty years, and being a small business owner now. When I got home, I received the following email from a client:

And I realised that very little has changed: my bottom line is all about whether I can make a difference to the outcomes of my students. A simple email like the one above is what it’s all about for me: improving confidence; supporting students in their learning journey to the best of my ability, and getting them where they need to be.

In 2007 I won a National Teaching Award for my work in bringing the community into the school and vice versa to improve outcomes for my students, and absolutely nothing has changed.

My new role allows me to be the kind of teacher I have always wanted to be: one who is able to commit to each student and give them a 5* service.

I am proud of the programme I spent 400 hours building, and I am confident that it works.

I’m here if you fancy an informal chat about what I can offer for September: