Before you decide whether this programme is right for your child, I ask that a parent or guardian books a ‘Break-through Call.’ This is an informal Zoom call to give you the opportunity to talk through the options on offer and to ask any questions that you might have. You can either click here  or email me at

Please note: this is not a sales call! I have no wish to enrol a child on the programme who will not cope with it or for parents/guardians to feel pressured into signing up. It’s very important that the students on this course feel happy and positive about being there. Therefore, this is simply an opportunity for you to meet me and have a chat and see if it’s right for your child.

There are 10 modules on the programme and your child should aim to complete one module per week, which leaves a couple of extra weeks free in case of other commitments or illness.

The course lasts 12 weeks. After that point, I will arrange an exit meeting to sign off the young person, and the programme will be complete. If your child needs extra time, these weeks can be purchased at a discount.

I certainly hope so, but this will depend on your child’s commitment and ability. No guarantees of a particular grade are ever given, but I have a huge amount of experience and my reviews speak for themselves, so I will certainly work very hard to support your child and add value to their learning experience.

Yes, you can pay the first instalment upfront as a deposit and then set up two final automatic payments for the last two months, which will be paid in the second and third month of the course. The monthly cost is £220, so the final cost is £660, with a discount of £60 if the programme is paid for in one go at the start of the course.

Many students have bad memories of being in lockdown and disappearing into the wallpaper whilst the teacher struggled to teach online. My lessons are not like this! They are not one-to-one, but they are very small groups of no more than six students, and not all students will be there every week (see question below.) The students are all there because they are committed and serious about their learning, and the atmosphere in the meeting is incredibly positive, friendly and informal – far less pressured than a one-to-one scenario. Students learn best in socially constructivist environments and my programme is designed to get students talking about their work, learning from each other and sharing any issues they have. It’s where the best kind of learning takes place.

Children tend to lead very busy lives, so I will vary the day and time of the meeting every week. If your child cannot attend for any reason, the meeting will be recorded and posted in the members only portal, so that they can access the video at their own leisure or watch it again if they feel they have missed something in the meeting.

The main focus is the Language course, as this is the one most students tend to prioritise, however Module 10 is focused on how to tackle the AQA GCSE Literature course. In this section of the programme students will use everything they have learnt from the English course and apply it to the Literature course. Most of the skills are transferable, and this module will give your child a real insight into approaches to the Literature papers.

No, this is unrealistic because the students who enrol on this course will be studying a variety of novels, plays and poetry. Students are expected to cover the Literature content in school or at home. However, regardless of the texts being studied, the exam skills are identical, so Module 10 will equip students with the requisite skills to tackle any Literature essay with confidence.

No, this programme is specifically for AQA English students only. If the Literature board is different, it may still be relevant to your child, however, as long as their Language course is AQA.

More questions?

If you have a question that is not covered in the FAQ above please ask using the form below. I will respond with an answer soon.